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What does PRA do for you?

Integrating evidence-based conventional and alternative medicine therapies to help individuals suffering complex conditions RISE back to their potential. 

Building Athletes at Life


The Program and Story

People’s Rising Academy utilizes a research-based, multifaceted approach to healthcare by integrating Chiropractic, Functional Neurology, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Reeducation along with Functional Medicine and Nutrition to assess, diagnose, and treat the individual’s complaints/conditions. Our 360-degree Assessment focuses on getting the patient to write down all of their complaints, history, and life story while our forms are designed to specifically associate various regions of the Peripheral and Central systems to help narrow in on potential dysfunction and future diagnosis. The physical and neurological exam provide insight into areas of the body that may be causing or are suffering from metabolic, physical, or invisible distress, which often leads to diagnosis and treatment strategies to get back to health. 

In 2019, Jodi and Dr. Myles built People’s Rising Academy to offer individuals with complex conditions the proper exam, testing, and treatment free of financial burden, but filled with inspiration and empowerment. As a survivor of abuse, addiction, morbid obesity, and tragic losses of multiple children, Jodi decided to change her life by using the Peoples Rising approach. Dr. Myles, as a medical practitioner blending chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and wellness - their paths crossed. Jodi, as an entrepreneur, sold her business to invest in something bigger than herself and share her story. 

Athlete at LIFE

Peoples Rising Academy provides medical consultation and treatment services to people suffering complex but manageable, often treatable, conditions who accept the responsibility of choosing a different path towards the initiative of being an Athlete at LIFE.